A Visual Comparison of Catalina & Big Sur - Who Wins? #apple #macOS11

Excellent visual comparison between macOS Catalina and Big Sur (see link below). Here are a few observations: * Big Sur design is a step back in clrity in many areas. Ex.: Icons and segmented controls in top portion of windows. * More padding around items lists. I’m not sure why. I prefer Catalina’s version. * Dark Mode is slightly better looking in Big Sur. * Battery panel in Settings is horrible. * Gone are popup alerts at the top of windows, they now look to be centered within window content and movable. Catalina is better. * Menu bar is translucide. Catalina is better too. * Safari is much better looking in Big Sur. * Notes is much improved in Big Sur. * Big Sur icons shapre are much more uniform. Advantage to Big Sur here. * Big Sur Side Bars in many apps like Maps is better looking too.

Who wins? Well, the jury is still out.