@manton have you heard of Ansible, Poppet, etc. ? #justkidding

@rishabh Congrats for your initiative... a daily newsletter is quite a challenge!

@manton I think cross posting from Glass to MB isn’t working yet. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@maique search the web for “terrible two”. Wait a few months. Come back here to tell us more about this. #kidding

@ohBananaJoe I wanted the added upload capacity, more analytics.

@manton Great, keep those updates and tweaks coming!

@pcora 😞

@pcora is it better? glass.photo/numericci...

@pcora I think MB is not trying hard enough to fetch the post if the image is in high resolution. @Manton ?

@canion Yep, you are! Don't be shy!

@workswellforme welcome to Side B of Twitter. We love everyone here. Personally, I'm found of Apple enthusiasts too!

@LJPUK I'm thorn with this point of view. On one side, I think you're, the notch is a distinctive feature of the iPhone. But it is a maligned one for many. On the other side, I think Apple would like to make the iPhone the simplest slab of glass possible.

@lewism Welcome to the B-side of Twitter.

@alanralph yeah, but you know, Apple…

@Gaby I do!

@gr36 oh, the Max was a Pro thing for the iPhone 13… now, I’m wishing Apple won’t go that road… Max has to be Pro!

@ChrisHannah I was a fan of the iPhone 5 then I bought the iPhone 7 in matte black because it was the closest in design spirit to the iPhone 7.

@LJPUK I do see an refined or re-imagined Air design that would make it stand out compared to the Pro line. I'd like to see colours introduced as well as magsafe support. I would trade my M1 MBA myself to this new machine if its design is stellar.

@canion thank you sir. 😌

@gr36 great work, looks clean !

@maique I didn't know you could create one and submit it... It gives me the idea of creating my own for my "Numeric Citizen" "branding"....

@LJPUK I thought of upgrading mine for HDR support and eARC but I'm not sold yet...

@maique thanks to you sir! Wishing the same for you and your family!

@vincent does MB maintain a counter of how many followers each user has? Asking for a friend 🙂

@canion I got the opposite: 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD