@AndyNicolaides none of the wars are good for.. none.

@maique 😂

@mdrockwell It’s very understandable. As an Apple observer, I’m very curious on how Apple will come out of this crisis.

@mdrockwell we rarely get this type of extensive examples of the benefits of having side-loading of apps. I would prefer Apple to open up app categories, reduce their commissions to a minimum but keep looking at submitted apps than allowing side-loading. And get rid of scammy apps from the store.

@jack good to see it’s working!

@mjdescy I think open-sourcing Micro.blog client is a good idea and my hope is that it will trigger another round of updates and features to the official client. It seems to me there is much it could become overtime.

@maique another great photo of yours! Great composition and subject!

@mattbirchler THIS! Great way to fix Safari in iOS 15… it’s a concept that reuse something already in place since iOS 14… sometimes, Apple is trying too hard to fix non-problems.

@mjdescy thanks for your answer. Kids can be so harsh against each others… I wasn’t a victim when I was a kid but I do remember seeing situations where bullying was happening… I felt bad for the victim, didn’t know what to do. No easy situation, as a kid and as parents…

@maique I was supposed to go on a ship cruise this fall (Italy, Greece, Turquie) but it has been cancelled for the third time… can you imagine, we bought this in 2018… all of this because a fourth wave is on the horizon, thanks to variants… 😒

@jack then, depending of your content, I would go ahead and try to “reset” Photos… do you happen to know if the CPU usage of your Synology is idle or way up there at 100%?

@jack how do you do your migration operation? Could there be hidden files in Google Photos directory structure that Synology Photos doesn’t like? I’m thinking out loud here…

@jack I’m running the release candidate, will be upgrading to the GM when I come back home this week-end. Have you tried to force a re-index of the library?

@mjdescy you response to this bully was very mature… showing your internal strength. One question: what was the trigger to write this post?

@jack that is bad… I’m a big fan of Synology in general, Synology Photos is really good in particular.

@Cheri Vegas is such a strange and “out of this world” place, like… if earth could afford it. It cannot. So do I, not in its full experience I mean.

@lmika Facebook is trying to be like everyone else… so they copy TikTok, Clubhouse, et al. They cannot find a way to reinvent themselves without copying someone else ideas.

@danielpunkass really? Or are you being sarcastic? Genuine question.

@Burk what is this?

@jean great interpretation! Thanks!

@amit 😳🤨😂

@pimoore man, I forgot avec Reeder Read Later list… I’ve used it in the past but since I’m on News Explorer, I eventually stopped. I’m pretty sure that I’ll move out stuff from Safari to go to Craft or Pocket. Reminders is like a short term storage of things to consider quickly.

@manton in case of the doubt, put a setting ™

@gr36 Please do know that I read all your blog posts but choose to reply when I have something worth to say.

@manton Great update, but I still think categories should be shown by default, same goes for the “optional" title feed. My two cents.