@de you can find me there as "Numeric Citizen", as you probably guessed.

@simonwoods Tired of waiting for Bokeh. I did contribute but still waiting for something tangible. I'm losing trust in them...

@mdrockwell I will probably go with the 13 Pro too because the Max doesn't offer as much more content than I thought compared to the non Max. It used to be different with the Plus, back in the days.

@simonwoods still happy with it? I did subscribe for one year because I'm curious to see where it will go in that time frame

@hutaffe fascinating to read the headlines since yesterday... for many, Epic won, for others, Apple won. Apple may have won in the court but their attitude doesn't make them look like winners.

@wearsmanyhats sad to see that we cannot have it both ways... great web service, with a great native app.

@wearsmanyhats I guess so. The brutal rule of economics.

@vincent great work, I love it!

@manton very nice work!

@maique love thid shot... the tone to it is perfect. Looks like its coming from the seventies.

@gr36 sad to see it go... must say that If I was to stop working from home, I would loose precious time for writing which could mean the death of some of my stuff too.

@greghiggins we won’t return to the office full time. They are going to reduce their footprint by 25-50% in size.

@gr36 for me. for sure.

@Burk Teams is still running under Rosetta, right?

@matke πŸ™πŸ»

@teisam just installed it and runs fine... wish Steam was made Apple Silicon native, though.

@ohBananaJoe I love this game so much... played with it on my Intel iMac but since I'm now fully on Apple silicon, the Steam client isn't compatible... can't wait for them to publish an iPad version.

@Miraz So bad memories... of events from which we learned absolutely nothing.

@frostedechoes I find a use for it

@JohnPhilpin πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

@maique thanks πŸ™πŸ»

@maique pretty much in the same mood... one year to decide.... Glass posted a blog updatr today about upcoming update... regarding photo categories implementation.. they seems to have an agressive roadmap.

@Munish Let me know how it goes!

@maique Good so far... will be publishing a review soon

@canion welcome!