Very important article about the risks related to installing beta software even on a single device.

iCloud Clusterfuck

You’re take on Jiny Ive leaving Apple?

I should come over here more often…

‪Today I helped change the perception that iPhone photos were very bad. This guy was using an iPhone 8 Plus. He was using Live Photos all the time. He learned to lock AE/AF and override exposure. He fell in love with his iPhone again. 😎👍🏻😊‬

Question about Marzipan apps: will developers first have to provide iPad version of their apps to make it available on the Mac ?

This is the weekend for my podcast recording. Started the day without any subject to talk about. After a few minutes of thinking, I’m at 5 subjects. It will be called « méli-mélo » or « melting pot ».

Sometimes I wonder if I do what I do (my blog) because I love using the tools (Apple stuff)… is nice and clean but iOS clients are behind…. Twitter. Slow. Way too slow.

One day, I’ll replace my 21.5” iMac with the biggest iPad available and keep a smaller iPad for mobility. #ipad #apple

Is it me or we don’t hear slowness horror stories as we used to a few years ago about iOS ? #apple #ios

On Apple Card official launch this summer: should we expect iOS 12.4 or a remote activation with iOS 12.3 shipping in May for refresh of ? #applecard #apple

This year, iOS 13 & macOS 10.15 releases seem bigger than previous year. Is it just an impression or is this looking this way because we are waiting for so long for Apple to do the basics… so there is pentup demand? Feeling the same?‬ #wwdc2019

There was this Apple analyst who expressed desire for Apple to launch a TV set (Munster). Well, I’ll be the guy who will ask for Apple to deliver ARM based Macs running iOS with mouse support. The only difference being that I won’t be on conf calls like him.

Going out for a 10km run. 😳😅

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Any specific expectations for upcoming Apple Special event “It’s show time”?

Testing 1 2 3 - 🇳 🇺 🇲 🇪 🇷 🇮 🇨 - 🇨 🇮 🇹 🇮 🇿 🇪 🇳 Discovered unicode. 🤓

I will see if there are real Apple enthusiast here on…

One of my biggest blog post is coming later today…. subject: Apple and Marzipan. Who’s interested ?

Trying to see how this ceiling photo will perform on Unsplash.

I should try and nominate for Micro Monday too… 🤔 profile details are minimalist. We don’t know how many followers we’ve got, who follows who, etc…. in the age of maximum connections between people, this seems a bit strange at first…

That was a pretty big one. 😳❄️

I kind of like the direction Adobe is taking with Lightroom CC… working on the latest update…. testing features for future review. Can see a shared album of mine here.

One small critic I would say about is the general speed… I find it to be quite slow at time on iOS and on the web… especially when browsing pictures… anyone have the same feeling ?