@wearsmanyhats it is, indeed!

@manton still wishing for the Categories to show up by default.

@manton Oh, another newsletter publishing tool!?

@cdevroe fixed! Unmark, another one?? Gosh.

@frostedechoes thank you man!

@purisubzi may be this link? numericcitizen.smugmug.com/This-is-M...

@maique is that one better ? numericcitizen.smugmug.com/This-is-M...

@Archimage you just saved a bunch of money

@purisubzi here is one of mine... www.smugmug.com/app/organ...

@cleverdevil this year, I came close to go from the 11 Pro to the 13 Pro Max... decided against it for the same reason.

@jthingelstad good luck!

@twelvety A page contains blocks. A block can be mostly anything: an image, an URL, a paragraph. If you happen to "add content" to a block, this will create a new page, the block referencing to it fron the source page. A document? Don't bother, it's a page also.

@mangochutney Sierra Blue for me.

@mjdescy great attitude!

@podiboq it depends a lot from which device youbare uograding for… the older, the better.

@mjdescy I couldn't agree more with you... see my post about the iterative Apple.

@canion I would be nervous too... from the XS to the mini... can't wait to have your observations.

@podiboq I think the iPhone 13 merits its own number instead of an "s" added to 12.

@vincent just keep it alive... we may differ on the perception but all perceptions about this event are good to have and maybe share!

@ChrisHannah thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm putting the final touches to my own, to be published soon. Very soon in fact. Stay tuned. To be frank, it's is quite a different take than yours.

@petebrown cool.

@petebrown are you really using a typewritter or is this an app?

@Archimage here, me!

@pdxmph superb shot!

@sarcassem πŸ‘πŸ»