@mdrockwell two of my subscribers did just that today! I hope they liked it too!

@amit I'm waiting for the Reader application which is still in beta the last time I checked. Currently on Matter which is really good and free.

@Miraz vaccination is the only answer followed by social distancing.

@pcora thanks!

@maique mucho gracias!

@frostedechoes thanks! Really enjoying our time here! 🍹

@podiboq some amazing cocktails indeed! 🤪

@rishabh Safari.

@Munish oh, thanks! Somewhat related: numericcitizen.me/2020/05/1...

@Munish I think I should update my article.... numericcitizen.me/2019/08/0...

@otaviocc you're welcomed! I love Glass too!

@frostedechoes I tend to make this exact same comparison. My point is simple: making a Latte requires a few minutes (maybe less than two minutes). Considering the time of the guy plus the base ingredients that goes within a Latte, it's a blip on the scale of the time it takes to make and maintain software. Why are we willing to spend 5$ on a Latte but not on a software that we use repeatedly? That's the point of the comparison. For me at least.

@Munish Nah, It’s Craft! Really good application for bloggers like me. But I use to use Notion, good app too but a bit too heavy for my needs.

@podiboq c’est tellement vrai, l’histoire récente le démontre encore …

@Cowlibob indeed! @maique is a fan too!

@maique great idea!

@otaviocc after many years on Flickr, I went to 500px then (now) on SmugMug (😍) and more recently on Glass (😍). SmugMug allows to build a photography oriented website and I love it.

@mattbirchler commenting from my M1 MacBook Air: I love this machine and I expect Apple to present a newly designed Air in 2022 where they will expand price points on this to make it closer to the MacBook Pro. I'll probably switch to the new one too.

@cygnoir It's Townscraper! Really nice game

@Munish thanks!

@Munish hehe

@wearsmanyhats would you consider using the MAS version, then?

@danielpunkass here! 🙋🏻‍♂️

@dgreene196 oh, thanks for sharing, I didn’t know.

@maique Woah, again, that's really a great picture! What was this woman looking for? Was her child waiting in line to go on the manège?