@Burk do you know if they fixed the widgets disappearing issue? This bug is in Big Sur since 11.0.

@greghiggins as soon as you enjoy the ride…. No?

@amit I’m curious to see how FaceTime for non-Apple device will take off this fall…

@canion just bought it too! @jack

@jean very touching kindness.

@canion Pocket Casts support for dynamic lists is very handy. I always found Castro a bit less intuitive to understand.

@frostedechoes a move coloured by the owner, Automattic. First tangible change since they acquired Tumblr.

@iamjaco Castro has no support for iPad… deal breaker for me.

@mdrockwell you’re right but the numbers should have been reversed, the App Store being the max possible size…

@iamjaco 😳🤔🤣

@mdrockwell for some reason, they don’t show up… iOS 15 beta 3 thing, maybe?

@lmika good that you like the place! 😃

@canion because “Eco” mode. I guess.

@thinkingoutloud welcome to this friendly place.

@vincent since I’m on the beta of iOS, I cannot post App Store comments… so, I’ll have to give email another try I guess.

@jack which type of scanner are you using to bring the negatives in ? Curious.

@vincent I feel you… I’ve been an indie iOS dev back in 2009-2013… but see: I’m having a issue with Timery, emailed the guy.. no answer for weeks… now pondering a comment on the App Store. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@muhh hoping you’ve got the latest firmware revision…

@Burk hope not.

@Gaby looking at recent app reviews, I’ll pass this one… not looking good! Your photos are great nonetheless.. !

@lmika maybe @manton could share with us his plans? 🧐

@Gaby oh, now I see… always loved VSCO filters… maybe I should give it another try…

@manton export to DAyOne!!!??? Really? That would be useful has I’m relying on IFTTT to do just that…

@johnjohnston great shots! A bit spooky

@Gaby are you using some kind of filter on your photos?