@AndyNicolaides but you do understand that Mailbrew is much ore than about reading newsletters in a inbox, right?

@AndyNicolaides HEY <> Mailbrew. I love Mailbrew. If you ever want to subscribe, I’ll post an affiliate link so you can save some $.

@ohBananaJoe GREAT! Then, you need this: app.mailbrew.com/apple_obs...

@manton good to see!

@RossA hoping this will help you be more efficient!

@maique all of them are anxiety inducing I'm afraid...

@maique please, sir, stop posting pictures of your wonderful country because this reminds me that I cannot travel. Thank you for your understanding.

@AndyNicolaides I'm always on my guard when I read something like "Apple should...". Usually very "serlf serving request".

@gr36 the journey is the reward.

@manton still having issues it seems... long delay for new post this morning.....

@maique love this building... and you'll know why tomorrow if you follow me on HEY World.

@AndyNicolaides I would say: 40% to try new things, 60% to try to improve something.

@AndyNicolaides interesting thoughts...

@mdrockwell Oh, forgot about telling you how to use Linky, so yeah, that's Linky, not Readwise.🤪 Clever idea BTW... I might copy this micro-workflow too. 😎

@maique I do feel the slowness when switching between views... it is disruptive. Other than that, I wish HEY would have a more aggressive update schedule.

@mdrockwell Is this some sort of "self-promotion" of your content through Readwise sharing feature? Clever idea.

@mdrockwell another Readwise user!

@maique thank you! 😊🙏🏻

@maique I heard about Goodlinks and saved the reference for future consideration... thanks for sharing your experience!

@maique and your thoughts?

@maique or better yet, this one: numericcitizen.io/2021/04/5...—-which-read-later-service-is-better-for-me

@maique can you try this one: numericcitizen.io/2021/04/5...


@terrygrier my call: numericcitizen.io/2021/04/5...—-which-read-later-service-is-better-for-me

@pimoore here you go: numericcitizen.io/2021/04/5...—-which-read-later-service-is-better-for-me