@gr36 forcing myself into using an iPad for the whole duration of my two-weeks vacations and I love it. The calmer mood of this computing device perfecly fits my vacation mood.

@Burk what if you had to restore 24 TB over the internet? Would you select to have a few drives shipped instead?

@Burk I’m hoping Apple will listen and redo some of the work before final release. It’s not something that comes easily from Apple. Not in a .0 anyway, maybe in a .1 release.

@Burk your thoughts about Safari redesign?

@jsonbecker same boat here. Been waiting for months for new bedroom furniture. The age of the internet makes us forget how to wait.

@tiff from what I’m reading, still rough edges

@jack ouch!

@jack I hope Apple has a plan B because I see a lot of pushback on Safari changes… and rarely undo things until another major release…

@maique really nice picture… gret composition and lighting.

@manton Thanks! Is the insert photo from Apple's Photos app workflow fixed?

@mdrockwell can't wait to see the next DayOne chapter unfold! I'm super happy with this acquisition. Automattic and DayOne can benefit a lot from each other.

@fahrni I think the story will be different with DayOne.

@mdrockwell It's the same kind of dynamics of Smugmug who bought Flickr: lot's of backend changes, very few frontend tweaks.

@pyrmont I thought he was saying he is baffled by people thinking Apple is not doing enough for devs... they do, but not always the best things... he didn't comment on the second part.

@gr36 the iPad isn’t in the shadow of the Mac… it’s our tendency to compare this device to the Mac that is at fault here.

@jeroensangers I’m jealous. Saw them at the Apple Store this morning. Great looking machine!

@tiff woah, really nicely done!

@rom 😳🤔😂😂😂

@pimoore I would go with the 512GB model for the M1 iPad Pro, as the 8 GB M1 Macs are very capable.

@vincent I trust you.

@vincent OMG!

@jack Still stuck today?

@vincent I'm wondering what happens to iCloud services that sync across devices when you introduce iOS 15 in the mix... like iCloud Photo library... how does this handle an updated library while syncing to older devices?

@simonwoods I’m happy with what Apple showed us yesterday… but background tasks like importing a bunch of pictures while working in another app is still unknown at this time if it was improved.

@jack plug it in as long as possible.