Here is the list of apps that I use and that are ready for my upcoming M1-based Mac mini. The list is growing almost on a daily basis. I didn’t expect it would go that fast. The prospect of much faster Macs could trigger an even faster adoption by developers. Apple’s bet is paying off.

U = Universal. U-C = Universal, Catalyst-based port from iPadOS. U-S = Universal SwiftUI based app, C = Non universal but compatible.

My wish is to install Universal apps only as I don’t want to trigger Rosetta 2. - [U] Omnigraffle - [U] Pixelmator Pro - [U] Affinity Photo - [U-C] Universe - [U] Transmit - [U] Little Snitch - [U-S] Aviary - [U] Darkroom - [U] Apple’s iWork - [U] Apple’s iMovie - [U] NewsExplorer - [U-C] Twitter - [U] Screens - [U] Ulysses - [U] Things - [U] Fantastical - [U] AirBuddy - [U] CleanShot - [U] Reeder 5 - [C] iStats Menu - [C] DayOne - [C] Carbon Copy Cloner - [C] Timing