Finally on vacation for two weeks. Been a long time. For the second summer in a row, we rented a chalet which happens to be real nice. But there is one thing: internet access is flaky at best. Good time to disconnect and spend more time writing I guess. 😌 > Twitter Blue.

I like how stacks up against Twitter’s subscription. $5: hosting, photos, use your own domain name, categories, bookmarks, themes, CSS, plug-ins, bookshelves, standalone pages, native apps, open APIs. $3: undo tweet, thread viewer, free Twitter features.


Better reading experience of Twitter Threads, via Twitter Blue, will encourage people to write more threads on Twitter instead of publishing a blog post. I’m not sure that I like the trend here.

Current status: publishing.

Current status: writing. Who knew. 👀

About those digital attention seekers … GTFO (#socialnetworks)

I hate it when people subscribe to my stuff, to my blog, my newsletters, or whatever, just to grab my attention and wish that I’ll follow them back. That is not the way I operate or think. I’m looking for real content, enlightenment, creativity, singularity. I rarely follow back someone unless they meet what I’m looking for online. Just saying.

Here is a free pro-tip for content creators (#writing #author #protip #tip)

An easy way to differentiate yourself from the crowd is to persevere with your journey of publishing your stuff out there. There are countless authors who started something only to stop after a while. Be the one who continue and keep it going. Regularity and continuity are key factors to build your online presence. I guarantee you that people will come and stick around if you meet these goals.

Importing HEY World Posts to Substack? @SubstackInc

Nope. Better chance next time. No easy way to ask for help either. Tried different variations of the RSS feed URL. Nope, doesn’t work. There is no option to expert from within HEY either. As you can see, looking for some easy way out of HEY World. 👨🏻‍💻

HEY World was a fad. Using the dice feature to pop up a random HEY World website shows that the vast majority of users didn’t keep updating their feed. What could explain this lack of durable enthusiasm?

My Go-To Internet Destination for Reading: Mailbrew Website

I recently noted that I’m spending much more time on Mailbrew website for my newsletters reading rather than in HEY Feed. Why is that? Well, I think there are a few sticky features in Mailbrew that helps me better process information tidbits. First, the reading experience is great. The “Read” button next to a URL will bring a nicely formatted version of an article from a URL. Second, A “save” button is handily available for me to use if I want to keep a piece of information for later use. My collection of saved items is growing by the day. There’s also the Save to Mailbrew bookmarklet that comes handy. The website on the iPad is also a joyful experience.

Mailbrew update schedule is pretty fast and brings many small improvements on a constant flow. Now, if only there was a highlighting feature it would make Mailbrew reading experience a perfect fit for my workflow.

By the way, thanks to Mailbrew, you can get a weekly summary of all my publications here.

That could prove to be quite useful! Link posts are always a pain to prepare. Thanks to @cdevroe 🙏🏻 Source: Introducing the Posting Bookmarklet – Colin Devroe

Friday musing

TGIF! 🙏🏻 It’s a rainy Friday here. Friday is a slow and strange day for me as a blogger and content creator. I should go more often on Flipboard. In a way, Ello makes me think of It’s been a long time since my publishing pipeline has been that low. I’m catching up, I guess. My feed is quieter than usual; is the Ulysses effect already fading? I’m not a good podcasts listener. I won’t get my four-pack AirTag today. I didn’t order the Apple TV 4K with updated remote; don’t know when I will. That’s a great question.

About My Numeric Citizen Introspection newsletter

My next newsletter issue is nearly done. On Substack, I’m not a big name in the blogger sphere or a journalist dropping from places like the New York Times. Yet, I enjoy putting together this monthly newsletter, and I generally like the end results. Subscribers are staying and keep increasing over time. It’s a good sign, I guess. Are you one of them?

It’s that simple: choice. That’s all we are asking, us, humans. Thinking otherwise is wrong doing. Simple. as. that. Thanks to Apple for letting me, decide, have a choice, not to be part of being a product, just be a human.

HEY World slowly fading… but… (#thoughts #blogging)

From time to time, I use the « HEY World Shuffle » URL to trigger the display of a randomly chosen HEY World user website. It’s funny as I never know what discovery I’ll make. I see a lot of users who made their first try of the service in its early days by sending random thoughts. The vast majority of users didn’t bother to continue but a few did, and there are a few gems to discover. I’m slowly building a list of HEY World bloggers, like a blog roll, by subscribing through RSS feeds. It is fun. That being said, the question is: was HEY World a fad? The jury is still out on that one. Yet, I see a lot of potential growth in features for this service. Will the owners care to make them happen?

Still relevant.…

I should read this every day. Thanks to @gr36.

This is a test with the most recent update to a little-know utility: Linky. I love it. 👍🏻

Substack vs Buttondown — Who’s Better? — My Observations - Numeric Citizen Blog…

Want to know what Craft is capable of as a website publishing tool? Take a look. Move around the site, you’ll get a better idea of its navigation structure and feature. I love this app.

HEY World, it’s now official! (#hey #heyworld #blogging)

They flipped the switch to ON. HEY World is LIVE! I’m so glad, curious and already excited to use this other channel to share my written content with the world. I’m already thinking about my first post on this new platform. Furthermore, I think this addition brings even more value to an already useful service, on which I depend every single day. Recently, I asked: How many websites can a blogger have? Well, as soon as a newcomer doesn’t add too much friction when publishing content, it’s ok to have many. HEY World seems to be such a service. Count me in.

After spending so many hours trying to understand the requirements to set up my online presence to support the IndieWeb movement… I’m close to just giving up. I fail to get the whole picture and none of the sites that I look at has a complete explanation that corresponds to my use case. Gosh. I’ll put this aside for a while and eventually come back to this. Maybe.

I often read the word “Quill” in here but never really paid too much attention, until now. Quill allows for posting content to your blog from a simple web page. You knew that, already, right? Not me. Sorry for the interruption, normal programming to return in 3, 2, 1. Thank you.

Quick Poll on Writing During the Pandemic (#blogger #writer #poll)

Today, I would like to do a quick poll among my blogger / writer friends here on How did the pandemic influence your writing habits? Do you write more? Less? What could be the reasons behind the change of habit?

To help you out and start the thread, I’ll answer to my own poll. The pandemic brought me closer to be what we call “a writer”. I write a lot more. I do put more efforts into each piece. I use more tools to help me. My research goes deeper. I have many pieces in the works, all the time. I spend around 5-10 hours for writing each week.

Now, why do I write more? Because there is less noise in my life in general, thanks to the restrictions (no travels, curfew, work from home: no commute). This “silence” created a pool of free time. My creativity took over. So, I write. And I love it.

Tell me your story? Let’s discuss.

This is what I call a VERY productive Saturday.: three articles published (on Medium, on Numeric Citizen I/O, and on my Numeric Citizen Blog) and a monthly newsletter went out! 😎 Time for a break. 🏃Oh, and thank you for reading my stuff! 🙏🏻

I Tested HEY World! (#hey #heyworld)

Today, I tested HEY World. This is my non-review. It could have worked great, but it’s not ready yet. One could say “Nice try, buddy”.

I love their response to my test message. One thing stands out from their response, though:

“For now, HEY World is just an experiment. …

“Assuming there’s demand, we’ll begin opening it up for more people soon. And then, hopefully, for all HEY for You customers. Personal blogs will finally be as easy as sending an email.”

It seems to me that they are on the fence. They already have their tag line. They keep the door wide open. Could it be closer than we think or want to say it?

Now, what I’d like to see is how many emails like mine they get each day and what are they saying?

If they actually turn the switch on, count me in. I’ll find a use of it. For sure.